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Juicy Date Biscuits

Date Biscuits Winter Special

December is the month of the year when everyone is getting into the `baking fever´. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not but you surely love to munch on some delicious home-made biscuits. Baking doesn´t just make your home smell after Bourbon Vanilla but also does satisfy your taste-buds. If you´re living in a country where Christmas is celebrated and streets are being decorated with lots of beautiful lights, then you might also be experiencing that calm and pleasant atmosphere outside while enjoying that dreamy cinnamon, apple and orange smell in the air. I don´t celebrate Christmas but I surely celebrate the time of winters with all the magic happening around this time. So back to baking some great cookies and cakes for this time of the year. I remember my best friend´s mother who is originally an Austrian (and hence a baker herself), she used to bake some delicious cookies for us, including these date biscuits. I couldn´t arrange her original recipe b…

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