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Quick Tomato Chicken

Healthy Chicken with TomatoesQuick Recipe
There are hectic days in our life when we are not able to cook for ourselves or kids. That´s when we usually end up buying food from outside, which often is fast-food or extremely oily food from local restaurants. To avoid eating all those unplanned and unhealthy meals from outside, you can keep some quick to make recipes at home. One of many is this very easy & still healthy Tomato Chicken which is low in calories, high in protein and will be ready within 20 minutes. What else do you need?

Here is the recipe:


500g Chicken Breast (cut in big cubes)3 Tomatoes (cut in big cubes)1 capsicum (cut in big cubes)1 tsp Ginger/Garlic Paste2 tsp Chili Sauce2 tbsp Soya Sauce1 tbsp Ketchup1 tsp Achar Gosht Powder Salt to taste1 tsp Olive OilFresh Coriander 


Cut the chicken breast into medium sized cubes.In a pot heat oil and add ginger/garlic paste. Add the chicken cubes and cook till the color changes. Mix in the chili sauce, soya sau…

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