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Semolina-Lime Cake

Semolina-Lime Cake Tea-time Cake
Looking for the perfect `Tea-time´cake? Well here you go! This is a perfect cake for the 5 pm Tea-break which we always crave for. This cake is not made of flour like the regular cakes but with semolina. It is a rich rather than a fluffy cake and the richness will literally melt on your tongue. The mild lime taste makes this dessert to an excellent autumn cake for cold days with tea and café. We all usually have these ingredients at home, so get into the kitchen and pre-heat the oven while you mix the batter fast. Insert the batter into the oven and VOILÁ :).

Here is the recipe:


250g Semolina1 tbsp Baking powder170g Unsalted butter (room-temperature)180g Granulated Sugar3 Eggs100g Ground almondsLime peel and it´s JuiceIngredients for the Syrup: Juice of 2 Limes180g Granulated Sugar230ml WaterPinch of Cinnamon 
Method: Pre-heat oven to 180°C.In a mixing bowl mix together the semolina and the baking powder. Then add the ground almonds. In another …

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